HKF Trade Fairs
was founded with the aim of organizing prime quality international trade fairs in Turkey in addition to ensuring the attendance of Turkish companies to well selected trade fairs abroad.

HKF Trade Fairs organizes under exclusive license a number of internationally registered trademark fairs of the Netherlands based exhibition and media concern VNU Exhibitions Europe and also Belgium based BUSWORLD Kortrijk International.

HKF Trade Fairs are a fully active member of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). Besides this active participation, HKF Trade Fairs are the organisers of FOTEG ISTANBUL, The International Food Technologies Trade Fair; VIV TURKEY, The International Poultry Industry Trade Fair; as well as: ANIMALIA ISTANBUL and BUSWORLD TURKEY, all of which, after strict UFI monitoring, have won the right to carry the UFI APPROVED EVENT title.

HKF Trade Fairs strives, in all the trade fairs it organizes, to meet all the aspirations of both domestic and overseas participants by bringing them together with visitors of the highest caliber, by presenting the sector or industrys most recent developments and technologies and by organizing related forums and seminars.

As mentioned, HKF Trade Fairs, with an experienced team of employees all specialized in their field, was founded with the aim of establishing a respectable position in the global exhibition industry. With this certification we are satisfied that our company and the trade fairs we organise have reached the highest level of international quality that this UFI authorisation brings.